The manufacturing facility at Bajaj Steel Industries Ltd. for steel building manufacturing is known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and advanced technology that enables the production of high-quality steel structures. Equipped with modern machinery and skilled workforce, the facility ensures precision engineering and efficient production processes. Bajaj has a strong track record of delivering durable and customizable steel buildings tailored to meet the diverse needs of its clients. From design to fabrication and installation, the manufacturing facility at Bajaj is committed to delivering excellence in the field of steel building construction.

New Project 2024 04 20T154148.932

Multi Torch CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Spec - 20m x 4.5m Bed Size with multi torch plasma cutting with X and Y axis controls

New Project 2024 04 20T154259.440

Energy Mission Make NC Shearing Machine

Spec - 130T, Cutting Length of 7m and max cutting thickness upto 16mm High Tensile Steel

New Project 2024 04 20T154954.821

Ermak Make CNC Press Brake M/c

Spec - 600T, 6m between column with “X” & “Y” axis control

New Project 2024 04 20T155121.902

Primo Make CNC H-Beam Welding Machine

Spec - Simultaneous 2 side continuous and stitch type welding with CNC controls

New Project 2024 04 20T155717.146

Special Purpose Machines for Finishing and Cleaning Operations

Spec - Use of Special Purpose Machines, Tools and Jigs and Fixtures for Special Operations

New Project 2024 04 20T155916.536

Shot Blasting Machine

Spec - Metal Shot blasting machine with travelling conveyor for surface preparation of primary structures.

New Project 2024 04 20T160123.476


Spray Painting booth for Spray Painting in Enamel, Epoxy and DTM paints

New Project 2024 04 20T161126.875

Cee Section Cold Forming Machine

CNC Controlled Cee Section Cold forming machine for Girts for Wall Sheeting

New Project 2024 04 20T160959.811

Zee Section Cold Forming Machine

CNC Controlled Zee Section Cold forming machine for Purlins for Roof Sheeting

New Project 2024 04 20T160818.912

CNC Controlled Down Spout Forming Machine

CNC Controlled Down Spout Forming machine with groove forming for strength and crimping of ends for better sealing.

New Project 2024 04 20T161245.739

CNC Sheet Crimping Machine

Sheet Crimping for uniform curved profile over canopies.

New Project 2024 04 20T161500.579

CNC Roof and Wall Sheet Forming Machine

CNC Controlled Roof and Wall Sheet Cold Forming machine with auto preset shearing facility

New Project 2024 04 20T161701.268


Use of SPM’s, Jig,s Fixtures, Portable SAW welding units for accurate fabrication of sub-assemblies.

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