Prefabricated Buildings

Prefabricated buildings are getting familiar day by day and offer various advantages against conventional buildings. In last 3 years the prefabricated structures or the K-house are commonly used for erecting a building.

Why Choose K-House

The K-House structure can be made with a wide variety of designs to suit a customer specific requirement. The K-House is made of standardized components where K is taken as modulus (1K = 1820mm), the size of the K- House is designated as nK+160 as the length and nK+160 as width while the height is designated with modulus of P (1P=950mm). The K House structure can be multi floor structure and each floor is designated as 3P. There for a single storey structure will be designated as 3P, a two floor structure as 6P and a three floor structure as 9P.

The Pre fabricated house is made of light steel structure and for the wall and roof, a sandwich panel is used which is made of Polystyrene, Polyurethane, rock wool or fibre glass.

The insulation of sandwich panel can be polystyrene, polyurethane, rock wool or fiber glass.

Assembled by nuts and bolts, anchor fasteners.

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The components of the K-House are manufactured and pre packed in the factory and can be easily opened and assembled at the work site with minimum effort. The doors and windows can be easily modified to suit customer needs for aesthetics, design and functional requirements.

To enhance and improve thermal properties, the modular single piece pre engineered structure is made up of two metal faces with a completely insulated core.

A two skinned structure made of inner and outer sheet is made of either powder coated or galvanized steel structure. A tongue and groove or a cam-lock system provides for a perfect fixing at joining edges for a twin skinned structure injected with Polyurethane.

The twin skinned (inner and outer) is either made of powder coated or Galvanized steel

The Roof Panel made of PUF insulation are designed with High Rib and Low Rib design. The inner side is made of low ribbing and the outer side has high ribbing. The high ribbed outside ensures easy flow out of rain water.

Roof panel is made with inner side low ribbing and outer side high ribbing for easy flow of rain water


Labour Housing / Camp

Primary School Building

Primary Health Center

Refuge Camp

Base Telecom Shelter

Police Housing

Site Office

Security Cabin

Staff Quarters

Store Room


Cost efficient structure

Segmented under movable property

Easy & Instant installation

Weather resistance

Good thermal resistance

Eco Friendly

Low maintenance cost

Knock-Down system

Aesthetic Appearance

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